We’re Moving!

Dear VALUED Clients, Guests, Friends and Family:

Next month marks four years of growth and memories at our current space! While this space has been a true blessing and a gift, we are prompted to move, inviting in room for expansion and other goals. We will be officially open in our new location on Wednesday August 23rd. You will get an address along with your confirmation so you’ll know where to go when we move.  Ease your mind, we’re only moving ONE mile East from where we are! Click on the picture below to view in Google Mapsnewaddypic

Essentrics and Holy Yoga classes will resume and be more frequent beginning in September. We are excited to hold a healthy space for mind, body, soul fitness and massage therapy! Check back in for a full class schedule soon and get ready to connect, create and move with us! To entice you, we will now have a gorgeous Colorado mountain view during our classes 😉

We are waiting in anticipation to welcome Erin’s second baby girl into the world! As she will be taking some time, Jessica and I will take good care of her clients. Call or Text 720-427-8602 to schedule your appointment!

We can’t move without having a special deal! Purchase any Gift Certificate online or after your next visit and get $15.00 OFF!


*Gift Certificate must be used before expiration date of 11/26/17
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Should you be interested and available to help us move on Sunday August 20th, we will have pizza and beer and tons of cheer! It will be a pretty easy, quick move and your help is much appreciated.  We honestly could not be more grateful to know each of you and have your support, loyalty and encouragement. We are fortunate to love what we are called to do and are amped to take it to another level. Thank you for moving with us!


Robyn and The Staff at Behind These Hands Healing Center

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” 

Online Shopping Now Available

Dear Valued Client,

Of course your phone call and text are still welcome, and for an additional option, you can purchase your Gift Certificates online via Square! They’ve made it so easy, so let’s give it a try. After you complete your order, I will receive an email and give you a call to set up a pick up time or confirm a mailing address. FREE SHIPPING! Remember, every complete purchase gets you a chance in our raffle to WIN A FREE 90 Minute Massage!

Please continue to pray and send loving thoughts to warrior Abby Fessler as she battles cancer for the 3rd time. Praise deserved as she got a job as Ambassador with The Love, Hope Strength Bone Marrow Foundation. Follow her journey here and if you feel it on your heart to help with her outrageous medical bills click here  #Abby’sArmy

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I want to take this time to officially welcome Behind These Hands new Massage Therapist, Jessica Bart!  Jessica’s husband works with my dad and our paths crossed with perfect timing for her to join the team.  The past three weeks she has been giving awesome massages from the heart, proving that she is truly passionate as a bodyworker and going above and beyond to help me out. As of now, Jess is working Wednesdays and Thursdays. I am so grateful for her, she is the answer to my prayers. Now I am able to grow the business, continue to give my massages 100%, and guide yoga! Thank you for trusting me, that I would only bring quality to the table!

Speaking of yoga…so many of you have been extremely patient (and persistent), with me about when I will start holding yoga classes. The plan was to announce the schedule in this newsletter, but with the current transition at the Healing Center, I’m finding I need to take it week by week. There is a pretty full list of you that I have contacted via the classes this week,  if you are not on the list and NEED to be, give me a call. The goal is to get a consistent and regular class schedule. If you are interested in private sessions, or small group classes please feel free to ask and we can work out a time. Thank you for your continued patience! This is such an incredible opportunity, allowing me to shine the gifts God has blessed me with in so many ways. Change can be terrifying, but necessary for growth; let’s embrace it!

In the meantime, Jenny Bertrand has been consistently teaching Essentrics at The Healing Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1pm. Jess and I have been joining in and really feel the benefits! It is a unique fusion exercise with a variety of techniques and movement that are immediately effective.  Jenny is also a tremendous blessing/bonus to the team, keeping me motivated and inspired!  Try it out, and bring a friend…first session is free!

Renting the space out is something that is proving to be more popular than expected. It is enjoyable to share this beautiful place I get to call work with so many! We have been hosting a monthly Reiki Share, lead by Lisa Guyman, the teacher that Abby and I were certified under. This is a powerful energy as 10-20 Reiki Practitioners come in and we practice Reiki all together. This time has allowed connections to be made and our Reiki practices are kept fresh and growing.

There is a possibility to bring on a tai chi/qi gong instructor. He gave Jess and I a demo class and it was a really nice introduction. He mentioned he would offer a free class if we have enough interest. This would be great for people who are just getting back into their movements and wanting to learn more about this approach to bodywork. He would also offer a 3 hour introduction course on a monthly basis. This sparks my interest, as I feel many of you, myself included, would benefit from this practice.

Your thoughts, concerns and ideas are all welcome with an open mind. Some of you have given me brilliant suggestions including a “buffet” type session.  You pick from massage, yoga, reiki, meditation etc. and combine several or all into a 2 hour visit. I have been exploring/practicing  this idea, it’s going well, perfect if you are wanting to experiment with your healing journey.

Please contact me anytime if you would like to discuss the expansion of Behind These Hands Healing Center.

My deepest gratitude to those who have participated/donated in Abby’s Army. The benefit was FUN and a huge success! As far as I know, we have raised over $25,000 and climbing! Abby was able to go home 19 days after her bone marrow transplant and she is still cancer free! Fortunately, Abby is one of the strongest people I know and is still battling every second of everyday to rebuild her life. She is a true warrior of strength and grace. Her journey has already impacted people, some of whom she doesn’t even know. Whenever Abby comes back to share her gifts at The Healing Center, they will be from profound understanding and experience. Kari, Abby’s mom keeps an updated journal of Abbys progress here. Thank you for your constant prayers and concerns, they are significant.

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