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Time is Precious…Expect and Receive the quality treatment that you deserve and experience the whole amount of your session at Behind These Hands Healing Center



Behind These Hands Healing Center

3091 South Jamaica Court #120

Aurora, CO 80014


Single Rates

*All Massages Include Complimentary Hot Towels*

60 Minutes for $70-Perfect for new clients to get an ideal feel for their first professional massage. Also great for clients who like Swedish massage and/or an hour of focused work on a specific problem area.

75 Minutes for $80This is our most popular massage session because there’s time to get full bodywork as well as 15 minutes of specific work on a major problem area.  This time is perfect for someone who needs to relax and do some corrective work on the table.

 90 Minutes for $100-Sometimes 60 minutes is just not enough…Try our luxurious 90 minute massage where you will be pampered during every minute!

90 Minute Single Session with Robyn for $105- Includes Energy Work, Hot Towels, Aromatherapy (as needed), and Neuromuscular Therapy upon request! 


*3-60 Minute Sessions: $180 (Save $30)

*3-75 Minute Sessions: $205 (Save $35)

*3-90 Minute Sessions: $260 (Save $40)

*3-90 Minute Sessions w/Robyn: $300 (Save $15)

*5-60 Minute Sessions: $320 (Save $30)

*5-75 Minute Sessions: $365 (Save $35)

*5-90 Minute Sessions: $460 (Save $40)

*5-90 Minute Sessions w/Robyn: $500 (Save $25)




Add Ons (Request when booking) 


Hot Stones for $20-Add an earthly element to your massage. The hot stones will be used as tools to instantly warm up the superficial layers of muscle tissue.  As a result, the more profound muscles are able to reorganize like butter!  The heat brings circulation to problem areas faster…Let the healing begin!

Hot Paraffin Hand Treatment for $10- Begin or finish your session with hot paraffin wax on your hands and/or feet. Colorado has beautiful weather that can be dry on our skin. Hot paraffin wax is the ultimate moisturizer. 

Hot Foot Soak for $10-Begin or finish your session by pulling extra toxins from your body with our Epsom Salt foot soak complete with massager marbles to smooth out extra tension in your feet. 

Reiki (Energy Work)-$1.00 p/minute-Our energy can become stagnant and begin to effect us physically. Reiki can be relaxing, rejuvenating and releasing. Add Reiki to your massage and/or try a whole session! 

Aromatherapy for $5-Your sense of smell can aid in the relaxation and benefits of your massage session. Choose from a wide variety of essential and fragrance oils to enhance your session.

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