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Word of mouth is the best compliment and form of advertising! These are actual reviews from real clients. If you would like to share your feedback, please email robynhargrove@behindthesehands.com and your testimonial will be added and much appreciated! 

“I can’t say enough about the massage I received today from Jessica at Behind These Hands. From the moment I walked in I felt relaxed and welcomed. Jessica and Robyn were both so friendly! The saying “good vibes only” perfectly describes this place! Jessica listened to all of my crazy issues and responded gently using her talents to help ease me into the treatment/massage! I can’t wait to go back and continue my recovery with their help!” -Robyn P. 

“Robyn is top notch in her field. She has continued to expand and grow her professional knowledge and effectiveness while working with her clients. She has remained focused, yet humble in her handling personal relationships with her clients and staff. I recommend anyone to her Behind These Hands offered healing services.” -David 

 I have always loved massages. LOVED them. However, historically, I would only get 1 or 2 a year if I was lucky because I could never justify the cost. I loved the way they felt but there was never really any lasting benefit. Then I met Jessica and EVERYTHING changed. She is incredibly skilled at identifying the areas that need work and working them until they are actually better and your body feels changed. I am subject to headaches but have found that when I see Jess regularly, I do not get them anymore. We have made massages a regular part of our budget now as it’s easy to justify the expense when you can feel the lasting changes. Behind These Hands is a relaxing, friendly and welcoming environment that completes the experience.

– Stacy D.

In February 2014, I was diagnosed with a painful condition in my lower back called spondylolisthesis where one of my vertebra is slipping over another.  I received two cortisone injections into the affected area in May of 2014 and was immediately pain-free.  I am still free of pain over a year later, which I attribute to my monthly massages from Robyn and Jess.  I’m sure I will need surgery someday to correct this problem in my back, but in the meantime, the massages at Behind These Hands are helping me stay relaxed, healthy and without pain.  You ladies truly have a healing touch!
-Karen Bentz

I had a Reiki massage session with Robyn and I cannot say enough good things about my entire experience. Robyn helped work on my energy during some very challenging times and I felt the positive effects almost immediately. The combination of the Reiki session with a massage was something I had not experienced before but Robyn made me feel comfortable and open to the experience. She also gave me tips to try at home which have greatly helped and made the experience truly personal. Her office is welcoming and comfortable which matches her warm, positive energy. I would recommend Robyn for Reiki or a massage to anyone and everyone! -Sammie C.

The experience you receive at Behind These Hands is warm, welcoming and amazing! Both Robyn and Jess, take their time getting to know you and your body to ensure the upmost relaxing time is had each time you walk in! Each is unique in her own style and technique which makes it nice to switch off between the two! I highly highly highly recommend both Robyn and Jess and think you should make your appointment today… Seriously you won’t regret it! -Marissa R.

“I so look forward to my monthly massage. It’s Heavenly! Robyn seems to instinctively know how much pressure to put into my massage. I’m asked for feedback on how my massage went, their goal is to make the massage the best ever. I highly recommend Behind These Hands Healing Center.” -Sandie P.

Jess is amazing! She does great neck work and takes her time to listen to your body. Highly recommended! -Steph H. 

“My experience with Behind These Hands has been nothing but positive! I am a dental hygienist and battle a lot of physical activity with my job. I have also been struggling with migraines nearly my whole life. A massage from Behind These Hands is more than just a massage. With regular visits, my quality of life in a spiritual, emotional, and physical sense has improved! I have not had a migraine since beginning the journey with Robyn. I feel very encouraged after each appointment. And I am able to return to work feeling better physically. I would highly recommend Behind These Hands!” -Nicole B.

“Robyn provides a wonderful service at a great price. I have worked in spas for over 12 years and I feel Robyn provides the best massage that I have received. I feel comfortable recommending her to anyone. She is very knowledgeable in her trade and makes you feel comfortable. You can also tell how much she enjoys her work by how hard she works to take care of each client.”Top qualities: Expert,Good Value, High Integrity –Kelly

“The massage I received from Jessica is the best one I’ve ever had. I carry stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. I usually try to stretch it out, but sometimes a massage is all that can help. Jess was very patient working through my neck and shoulders, and I felt better than I have ever felt after a massage. I’ve always felt good after massage, but no one other than Jess has been able to completely relieve my neck and shoulder tension. She is amazing” -Jenny

“Yoga at Behind These Healing Hands is the perfect way to end my day.  Robyn is such an intuitive and caring instructor.  She always encourages students to remain aware of how the body is reacting to various poses, and to do what feels comfortable.  Robyn often takes advantage of smaller classes by asking students if there are any preferred muscle groups to focus on or avoid.  I always feel so much more relaxed after yoga with Robyn.” 
-Christine B. 

“Robyn is personable and for her amazing work her fees are reasonable and affordable! Whatever my ailment(s) or concern(s) are, she listens well, gives great advice/feedback and does what is needed to get my body back on the right path. I always look forward to seeing Robyn, she is a joy.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value –Dawn

 “If you have not taken a yoga class from Robyn at Behind These Hands, you need to! By far the best classes I have taken! The classes are small, which allows Robyn to get around to each student for adjustments! Robyn makes everyone from beginners to advance feel comfortable! No skills necessary, only your willingness to be open to the art of Yoga! Classes are Thursday nights and if you want something slow paced to start with try the Wednesday night Breath work/Meditation class… It too is wonderful and is a great way to ease yourself into the world of yoga!”

-Marissa R.

“Robyn is a wonderful massage therapist. She is very knowledgeable and really works with her clients to give the best massage according to their specific needs.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert –Melanie

Jess is amazing! She has perfect strength and pressure in her hands, with a gentle touch. She knows how to seamlessly find the areas that need work on my body. Her neck work is incredible and she has made muscles come alive that I didn’t even know existed! I would highly recommend her to anyone! -Rosie

“I have seen Robyn at Behind These Hands Massage Therapy for about two years know. Massage is something that is very personal and having the wrong therapist can not only make you uncomfortable, but also not yield effective results. Roby is both personable and professional. She puts you at ease. As a guy, that is very reassuring. Her pricing is amazing for the results you get. I recommend buying a package and going as often as you can. The results for me have been impressive. Every time I see Robyn my body feels better or days. She is very effective at working on problem areas and really puts her passion into her work. You cannot go wrong with seeing Robyn for your massage therapy needs!”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value. –Jason

“When you first meet Robyn you know that you are in good company. She has a very nurturing personality as well as a very valuable knowledge base about bodies. I have been seeing Robyn since last year and have a nagging foot/ankle problem. She has been wonderful as a consultant and therapist. Her massage is both very relaxing and she has the perfect methods for getting those knots! I highly recommend Robyn, she is an excellent massage therapist, highly creative woman and has a great balance of practical practice and a spiritual and relaxing experience.”
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity –Pam

I have over 30 years of receiving massages on a monthly basis. Of course, Robyn is always number one in my heart. Jessica Bart has her own unique style that she is blending with Robyn’s signature brand and I like it. I especially like her blend of “Rolfing and Swedish” massage. If you want to get your toxins out this is a great massage. You still get the hot towels and Jessica will be my “go to” because I like every other week. Jessica is a great addition to BTH.  -Bonnie 

“One of the best massages I’ve ever had. Robyn’s amazing. She found knots I didn’t realize I had and worked them out for me. Robyn is very professional, personable, with very reasonable prices, comfortable and awesome. I highly recommend Robyn!”
Top Qualities:  Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity –Maelynn

“Robyn is a very good massage therapist. She cares deeply about her clients and works hard to listen to their needs and provide the best massage experience possible.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value -Paul

“Robyn has a truly nurturing spirit. Her massages are both relaxing and healing – honestly the best massage I’ve ever had! She worked out some vicious TMJ I’ve had for almost 8 years. She’s knowledgeable in all areas of her practice and offers advice and tips to keep well. You will not be disappointed in a massage from Behind These Hands!” -Leslie

“Before going to see Robyn, I didn’t realize how badly I needed a massage! Not only did she make me feel more relaxed, but she found some key points in my neck that had been bothering me like crazy. The aromatherapy she used helped with some sinus issues I had. I also loved the hot towels during my massage and the Epsom salts she gave me to take home. Robyn is FABULOUS and I highly recommend her to everyone I know! Thank you so much!” -Cindy

“Robyn truly has a talent for the healing arts! I’ve never had a massage therapist that makes me feel as comfortable in that environment than Robyn. She is great at communicated with me and making sure that I get done what I want! There is no better way to relax than a massage from Behind These Hands!” -Tommy

 “WOW… my body was still relaxed on the second day after the Hot Stone Massage from Robyn. I slept like a new born! You do a great job. I noticed you really like what you do… and of course I like what you do!” -Zoila

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I will be a customer for life! I love everything about my massage experience! Hot towels, good music, relaxing environment and how amazing I feel afterward! Robyn, you’re the best!” -Brittany

“Best massage ever! Robyn has such a gift… not only with her hands but with her spirit as well. She was there to help my mind/body/soul heal after the death of my niece. I started going to her to help with my depression and have continued because she is so great. Great prices (cheap for the quality you get).  I always feel refreshed when I leave. Remember: stretch and drink water!” -Stephanie

“As a hair stylist, my body goes through a lot while standing and using my back muscles every day. My body never felt right and I had constant pain. Since I have had Robyn working on me on a regular basis, I feel great. She has educated me on what my body should feel like, stretching, drinking lots of water, but most of all continuing to take care of myself so I can always feel my best. Robyn truly has healing hands! I love her Pandora Radio feature so you can listen to whatever you want… it’s amazing!” -Alyssa

“Robyn is AMAZING! I have gotten countless massages throughout the years and I can say that this one was by far not only the most relaxing, but the most beneficial. I have had a noticeable decrease in my persistent lower back pain and headaches. Robyn’s massages aren’t just the “fluffy” spa massages that you can get anywhere. She truly helps heal.” -Chelsea

“Hands down, best massage I’ve ever had. The client treatment and hospitality is wonderful! Let alone the ridiculously low prices! Having a great massage is communication… making sure pressure isn’t too hard, or asking to get more work in a certain place. This is PERFECT. Plus, hot towels on your feet, back and neck at no additional cost! AMAZING! If you haven’t’ been, you are missing out… it will change your life!” -Alysen

“I’ve had massages all over the world and at some of the best hotels and spas. Robyn’s work tops them. Great prices, personalized and you’ll walk away feeling so much better!” -Dan

 “She’s simply the BEST!” -Robyn

“Best Massage ever! Prices are great. Therapist is soooooooooo personable and an awesome person.” -Kathy

“Robyn is simply the best massage therapist I have ever worked with.  I really appreciate her attention to detail.  She always makes sure you are getting the right amount of pressure and spends time working on the most important areas.  She even lets you choose your own music!  Whether I am stressed out from sitting at my desk during busy season or physically exhausted from my active lifestyle, I always leave Behind These Hands feeling refreshed and relaxed.  I couldn’t live without!” – Anna 

 “Robyn is an amazing Massage therapist! She really really cares about your well being and tries so hard to make you as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend her services to everyone looking for a great quality experience!”  -Oz

“Robyn has a truly nurturing spirit. Her massages are both relaxing and healing- honestly the best massage I’ve ever had! She worked out some vicious TMJ I’ve had for almost 8 years. She’s knowledgeable in all areas of her practice and offers advice and tips to keep well. You will not be disappointed in a massage from Behind These Hands!” -Leslie

“Robyn has amazing hands. She’s the best massage therapist I’ve had and I’ve been getting massages for 6 years now. Even though I no longer live in Denver I always make an appointment anytime I visit. I highly recommend you try her. It’s very affordable as well.” -Katrina